To be the best you must beat the rest !


Fabienne Lanz is one of the true and arguably the best lady Racing Driver in South African racing at the moment. She has a vision to go to the top in Motorsport and strives to be the best in all Motorsport categories she competes in. She is a breath of fresh air to the sport and loves to work with people.

Fabienne started her racing career at the age of 9 and has worked her way through the ranks to become one of the best female Kart Racing Drivers in South Africa. She comes from a racing heritage as her father, Peter Lanz, is a former Saloon car champion. Racing is a predominately male sport and Fabienne is hoping that by competing and winning races we will see more lady racers join and succeed in the sport. Her style is smooth and precise and Fabienne loves speed and adrenaline, she will never let a challenge go without a fight.

Fabienne currently races high performance karts and did her debut in Saloon Cars in May 2011. She is looking to further her career in Single Seaters and to a Production Saloon Series. She wants to spread her wings and eventually end up in the FIA World Endurance Class, or International GT.

Some of her outstanding performances to date are:

As a junior driver in 2003, she competed at 3 events in Florida, USAwhere she won 2 out of the 3 events and finished 2nd in the third. She finished 4th overall in the South African Rotax Junior Max Championship in the same year.

This rising and shining star finished 2nd overall in the 2004 Rotax Max Challenge series inSouth Africa and won the Northern Regions championship in the same year. She repeated this success in 2008 in the Vortex Super Rok Series whilst racing in 2 categories at the same time at some events. She has proven she is physically capable to race these high G-Force and high speed machines.

In 2005, she became the first lady racer to qualify for the Final at the Rotax World Grand Final inLanzarote,Spain.

In 2007, Fabienne made history as she finished 5th at the 2007 Vortex Super Rok World Grand Final inLonato,Italy, and became the first lady racer to finish on the podium at a Rok Final event. She then received her South African Protea colours for her outstanding performances

Fabienne’s 2nd place finish in the 2008 South African Championship gave her a ticket to the 2008 Vortex Super Rok Grand Final, held at Lonato Italy once again. Fabienne was less fortunate this time as she got caught up in a pile up in some of the qualifying heats and had to dodge half a dozen of accidents during the heats. None the less, Fabienne made it to the final 34 out of 70 drivers. She started 19th on the grid for the final and ended 13th after a long, hard battle. She was the first lady finisher in this category.

In 2009, she finished top notch again with a whopping 4th place in the Vortex Super Rok category. She qualified as top South African to represent South Africa at the Vortex Super Rok Grand Final again. Same as every year, it was at Lonato, Italy in October. Fabienne was on top form as she topped the times sheets, often being fastest around the track. She was amongst the top runners throughout the event; unfortunately a fuel pump failure dropped her down the ranks for the Final. Starting from the back of the grid, she finished as top South African in 14th position.

She also competed at the Bridgestone European Cup Final at Lonato, Italy in the Vortex Super Rok category where she showed the way around the track by leading ¾ of the Pre-Final and then went on to win the Pre-Final. She finished 5th in the Final.

End of 2009, Fabienne has made history once again as she became the first lady to qualify on pole position at the Kartdrome in the Nivea for Men 24hr Endurance Series. She repeated this success at the “Battery” 24hr Endurance Race inDubai.

Fabienne went on to add herself once again to the history books when she became the first lady to qualify on pole at the COSE 24hr Endurance race inItalyMarch 2010.

Whilst in Italy, Fabienne was invited to test a new Kart chassis, Force 1. The test went very well and Force 1 factory team offered Fabienne a chassis and full factory support to compete with in the Super Rok Autumn Final (1-3 October) and the Super Rok World Final 2010 (15-17 October) at Lonato, Italy.

Fabienne had outstanding pace all through the Autumn Final, topping the time sheets and mixing it with the 2010 Italian Champion, Lorenzo Capone and the 2009 Super Rok World Champion, Alessandro Vantini. She managed to finish 3rd and 4th.

At the Super Rok World Final, Fabienne was on top form again pacing herself amongst the top competitors out of 68, who have qualified from all over the world. She qualified as top South African and female in 6th position. She lead a couple of the qualifying heats, but settled for 3rd, 3rd and 4th as she was saving her engine, tyres and energy for the Final. On the Final day, the rain poured down like monsoon weather. She had a very good start, but this was short lived as a nudge from behind, lead her to spin .she was now stone last and made her way back to 23rd position.

Fabienne then went on to Dubai, where she competed at the “Battery” 24hr Endurance race at the Kartdrome. She is really making her mark as pole qualifier in the 24hr events. She did it again in the last lap of qualifying. She started the race from pole position and gave the boys a run for their money as she moved between 1st and 3rd for the whole first stint (1 hour stint). Disaster struck as a part on the axle broke off and the team lost 3 laps and fell well behind.

In December 2010, Fabienne was invited to join team Seychelles Racing, joined by Formula 1 Virgin Test Driver, Andy Soucek for the 3rd round of the 24hr Kart Endurance Race at the Kartdrome in Dubai, this time in anti clockwise direction. Fabienne was on pole for a long time in qualifying, but lost it as the flag man dropped the flag too soon and she could not get that last quickest lap in. So she qualified the team in 3rd position. The team was very strong throughout the race. A disputed penalty during the night stints dropped the team down the order, but they worked hard and fought their way back up to finish 3rd overall.

This “Iron Lady” as some call her, has had a few critical accidents in her racing career, but she does not let that get her down as she is determined to come out on top.


While Fabienne is not in her racing machine she preps her racing machine for the next race, is a high performance karting Instructor where she teaches karters the racing lines, speed, race craft, basically from beginners through to experienced drivers. Fabienne started the High performance Kart Instructing in 2009, mainly teaching the very young kids that are new to the sport, they have made impressive improvements under her wing and proven successful in the podium finishes.

Fabienne is also an Advance Driving Course Instructor for cars. She mainly did her work at Gerotek, an old army base that is equipped with Skid pans, dynamic handling track, a speed oval, off road tracks to aquaplaning and brake testing straights. She also does high performance instructing at the race tracks for the clients that like to advance their skills. So from beginner levels, to advanced levels, Fabienne does it all.

She makes herself available to help others and organizations, such as the WIM (Women in Motorsport) Panel whenever she can. She also models a bit as a sideline, more for fun.

She is a very active person and dedicates a lot of time every day towards her fitness and health for Racing. She does Hip Hop dancing as a hobby, with the benefit that she gets a fun workout at the same time. She loves to explore and will take on any adventurous opportunity.

Sometime in 2009, Fabienne got invited to help a karter from the SAKRA (SouthAfricanKartRacingAcademy) Academy. This academy is for all children of any gender or race. They run the children who are accepted into the academy to participate in local kart racing, and hopefully to one day graduate to higher levels. Fabienne feels that she needs to give back wherever she can.

In between the training and public showings, Fabienne gives the media arena some attention. Fabienne has developed a good relationship with a reporter at the Midrand.

Reporter News Paper (a local News Paper where she lives) which publishes all of her race reports and results. She also has a good track record with the XPRESS news paper fromDubai, where she features many times when she is over there racing in the endurance races.

Fabienne sends out her press releases to several websites who in turn publish it on their websites such as gSport, MSA(Motorsport South Africa) and Mototrheads, to name a few. She also keeps her fans updated on Facebook and twitter. This is to create awareness of who Fabienne Lanz is and to reach as many people and fans as possible. You can find her on

Fabienne has her own website, The website is intended to give the enthusiast and/or fan some background on Fabienne, pictures of her in action as well as portrait pictures. It has all the latest news so that the viewer is up to date with the happenings in Fabienne’s racing career.

Fabienne appears in several magazines such as in the “On the Track Racing” 2009, the November 2009 issue of Heels and Wheels magazine. Fabienne features quite frequently in the “Max My Ride” magazine. She is in the August and October 2010 issue of People Magazine; in the December 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine; Max My Ride has interviewed Fabienne for the September 2011 issue of the magazine. A 4 page interview to give readers an insight into this extraordinary racing driver.

Fabienne can provide great exposure and superb returns on investment as she is an advantage on and off the track.

Fabienne’s profile is on the ascendancy and she is getting interviewed more frequently and she appears on TV with regular frequency:

In February 2009, Fabienne got interviewed by SABC 2 TV Sport for their Syadladla programme. They interviewed on her as a female in a predominantly male sport; on her achievements, struggles, horrid accidents, why she is so crazy about karting and how do others get into the sport. The programme was quite a success, the sponsor’s logo got about 15 minutes of exposure on this particular programme.

She was a guest on YOTV’s Saturday morning Big Breakfast show on the 29th of August in 2010. August is Women’s month there was a lot of focus on women in Motorsport. Fabienne had to do a little hash brown cooking and played foosball against fellow racing colleague, Clare Vale. Apparently 10 000 000 viewers watch this programme.

Fabienne was guest star on Ignition TV (channel 265) for Women’s month, August 2010. Here she got to share her story of why she loves racing so much.

She was one of the 3 finalists for the 2010 gSTAR of the year Award and won the ‘Personal Account Writer’s Award 2010’ at the gSport Award Ceremony in August 2010. She was awarded this award for her outstanding job in promoting herself through her personal website, Facebook page and group, twitter and other internet sites. Fabienne almost clinched the 2010 gSTAR Award for her successful, performances in Kart racing. Her award was broadcast on ETV, Kyknet and All Access. She has been invited to and attended the Annual gSport 2011 Awards as special sport guest.

She does not stop there as she worked her way onto the radio stations as well. She appeared several times on SAfm during 2010 and in April 2011, had a studio chat on 93.9 fm (Radio Midrand). Fabienne is a very determined lady and will go at great lengths to reach her goals. SAfm has interviewed her again in June 2011 to chat about her outstanding performances for 2011 thus far and on herRacingSchool.


In the more current Affairs:

Fabienne competed in the 2011 South African Vortex Super Rok karting series, where she has qualified co compete at the 2011 Grand Final, which will be held at the famous Lonato track in Italy in October. She also competed in the South African Rotax DD2 Karting series where she had some misfortune and finished 5th for the championship and slimly missed out to qualify for this Grand Final.

Fabienne competed at the 24hr Kart Endurance race and the 12hr Kart Endurance race at the Kartdrome Dubai with the Falcon Team , where she finished 2nd in April and took the chequered flag in June, making history to be the first girl to take the win in the Sodi Kart Endurance series in Dubai.

She did her debut in a Golf 1 Saloon Car in May 2011, where she already showed great potential by winning her class in East London and followed up her stunning performance in Port Elizabeth in the South Africa Coastal Championship.

Fabienne loves new and exciting challenges, she is a very talented lady racing driver and her successes show this. She got the opportunity drive a Sportscar on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit in June 2011, where she did very well for her first time out in this type of car.

Fabienne more recently (September 2011) did her debut in a 6 speed 125cc gearbox kart and was an absolute natural. She sat in the kart for the first time on Friday’s practice session and improved heat by heat in the Saturday’s race day. She never fails to impress as she won the day overall.

Fabienne had her Golf and High Performance Kart on display at the 2011 Woman in Motorsport Show on 9 August and at the Castrol EXTREME Show on 24 and 25th September 2011; for marketing and to give her current sponsors the extra mileage. She made herself available for autograph sessions and raced some of her fans at the kart track.

The WIM day is once a year where all the women can take the opportunity to drive certain cars, get exposed to different Cars in the Motor and Motorsport industry. In the years to come, Fabienne is aiming to give the public a firsthand view where she can take the public for some hot laps.

Fabienne’s determination, consistent and ongoing success and great views and ideas for the future as a female competitor in a predominantly male sport are both unique and exciting. Combined with her young but rapidly growing marketing network, she provides a sponsor with proven avenues of exposure and a solid platform for the marketing and promotion of their brand to the public.