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Racing stats

My website is designed to give you, the enthusiast, the fan, some more insight about me and my racing. 2012 – Fabienne joined the Batelco Racing Team in the Endurance kart racing. They competed in the UAE 24 and 12hr races of which they won the first one in March and finished 2nd in May.

The team participated in France at RKC Track, close to Paris, where they clinched the win after 23hrs of steady rain. In Charlotte, USA the team had a hard fight and brought it home in 3rd place with Fabienne scoring the Fastest Lap Title of 2012.

Fabienne did her first ever Hill Climb in Knysna, SA where she finished 2nd in class and 25th Overall. The young racing star is venturing out and stopping at nothing.

2011 – Fabienne competed at the 24hr Kart Endurance race and the 12hr Kart Endurance race at the Kartdrome Dubai with the Falcon Team , where she finished 2nd in April and took the chequered flag in June, making history to be the first girl to take the win in the Sodi Kart Endurance series in Dubai.

She did her debut in a Golf 1 Saloon Car in April 2011, where she already showed great potential by winning her class.

Fabienne loves new and exciting challenges, she is a very talented lady racing driver and her successes show this. She got the opportunity drive a Sportscar on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit in June 2011, where she did very well for her first time out in this type of car.

Fabienne more recently (September 2011) did her debut in a 6 speed 125cc gearbox kart and was an absolute natural. She sat in the kart for the first time on Friday’s practice session and improved heat by heat in the Saturday’s race day. She never fails to impress as she won the day overall.

2010 – Fabienne competed at the COSE 24hr endurance Kart race at the Jesolo Kart Track in Italy, March 27th 2010, where she joined an all girl’s team KAYAK. She once again made history as she put it on pole and became the first lady to do so.

Whilst in Italy, Fabienne was invited to test a new Kart chassis, Force 1. The test went very well and Force 1 factory team offered Fabienne a chassis and full factory support to compete with in the Super Rok Autumn Final (1-3 October) and the Super Rok World Final 2010 (15-17 October) at Lonato, Italy.

Fabienne had outstanding pace all through the Autumn Final, topping the time sheets and mixing it with the 2010 Italian Champion, Lorenzo Capone and the 2009 Super Rok World Champion, Alessandro Vantini. She managed to finish 3rd and 4th.

She qualified to compete at the 2010 Rok World Final in Lonato , Italy.

At the Super Rok World Final, Fabienne was on top form again pacing herself amongst the top competitors out of 68, who have qualified from all over the world. She qualified as top South African and female in 6th position. She lead a couple of the qualifying heats, but settled for 3rd, 3rd and 4th as she was saving her engine, tyres and energy for the Final. On the Final day, the rain poured down like monsoon weather. She had a very good start, but this was short lived as a nudge from behind, lead her to spin .she was now stone last and made her way back to 23rd position.

She qualified to compete at the 2010 Rok World Final in Lonato , Italy.

Fabienne then went on to Dubai, where she competed at the “Battery” 24hr Endurance race at the Kartdrome. She is really making her mark as pole qualifier in the 24hr events. She did it again in the last lap of qualifying. She started the race from pole position and gave the boys a run for their money as she moved between 1st and 3rd for the whole first stint (1 hour stint). Disaster struck as a part on the axle broke off and the team lost 3 laps and fell well behind.

In December 2010, Fabienne was invited to join team Seychelles Racing, joined by Formula 1 Virgin Test Driver, Andy Soucek for the 3rd round of the 24hr Kart Endurance Race at the Kartdrome in Dubai, this time in anti-clockwise direction. Fabienne was on pole for a long time in qualifying, but lost it as the flag man dropped the flag too soon and she could not get that last quickest lap in. So she qualified the team in 3rd position. The team was very strong throughout the race. A disputed penalty during the night stints dropped the team down the order, but they worked hard and fought their way back up to finish 3rd overall.

2009 – Finished 4th in South African National Vortex Super Rok Series and qualified to compete at Vortex Super Rok International Grand Final at Lonato, Italy. Here she was in top 5 all weekend, topping the time sheets in one of the official practices. Finished 5th, 4th and was in 3rd position when the Fuel pump failed in one Qualifying heats; started Final in 21st and finished 14th overall.

Competed at prestigious Bridgestone Cup European Final in the Vortex Super category, won the Pre-Final and finished 5th in the Final.

Competed at Nivea for Men 24hr Endurance Kart race at the Kartdrome in Dubai, December 2009. Fabienne made history as she became the first lady to ever qualify on Pole in this series.

Fabienne got the opportunity to try out a Formula VW, an open wheeler car. She impressed immediately, setting the 2nd quickest time amongst the drivers on the weekend, the quicker one having raced a year in a smaller open wheeler already.

2008 – Finished Runner Up (2) in the South African Vortex Super Rok Championship, won the Vortex Super Rok NRKC Championship and qualified to participate at the Vortex Super Rok International Final In Lonato, Italy. Finished 13th overall out of 66 competitors.

2007 – Finished 4th in the Final at Round one of the Rotax European DD2 Challenge in Salbris, France.

Finished 8th in the South African Vortex Super Rok Championship and qualified to participate at the Vortex Super Rok International Final in Lonato, Italy.

Made history again as she finished an incredible 5th position and became the first lady to finish on the podium.

2005 – Made history as Fabienne became the first female to qualify to the Final day out of 89 competitors. Only the top 34 drivers after the eliminations rounds qualify to compete in the Final.

2004 – Raced a South African designed and built Kart (called Apex) where Fabienne finished Runner Up (2) in the South African Rotax Max Challenge Championship and won the Rotax Max Challenge NRKC Championship. She also qualified to participate at the Rotax Max RM1 International Final at Lanzarote, Spain in January 2005.

2003 – Raced at 3 of the Florida open Rotax Junior Max Championship in the USA of which she won 2 of the rounds and finished 2nd in the 3rd. Finished 4th in the South African Rotax Junior Max Championship.