2008 Bridgestone Cup, European Finals – Lonato, Italy

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15th Oct 2008 – Whilst attending the ROK World Final this weekend, Fabienne Lanze was offered the chance entry into the Bridgestone European Finals by the PCR Race Factory Team. The Competition is very stiff, one tenth of a second can cost  up to 15 places in Qualifying.

The weekend started off quite hectic for Lanz as she had to learn how to master the art of racing this KF2 machine which is very different to the Super Rok that she is used to. Lanz also had to re-learn how to re learn to tune the carb, as it is not a sliding carb like the conventional karts of today. This class is one class below KF1 which is viewed as the Formula One of Karting. The Factories and Teams involved are highly professional and it was an experience never to be missed.

Qualifying 30th out 51 Karters, Lanz did well considering the 15 drivers in front were all within the same tenth of a second per lap. The two qualifying heats proved very demanding, through avoiding accidents and the precision of driving could cost upto three to six places on the spot. Lanz finished in the twenties in the two heats and had to drive in the repercharge, starting first in the repercharge and finished 2nd.

Lanz started the Pre-Final 30th and worked up to 22nd. This was quite an achievement and she was determined to move further up in the Final as it was 28 laps, endurance is Lanzs strength. Unfortunately a large accident put her right to the back of the field as she dodged the accident by going into the grass and hitting cones etc. Lanz had to work her way up the field again and managed to finish 21st overall in the Final.

“This was such a great experience for me as I learnt a lot about the KF2 and started to master it in just one weekend, but unfortunately had some bad luck as I was caught out by the accidents. Never the less, it is definitely a race not to miss and an experience never to forget” commented an elated Lanz.

2008 ROK World Championship – Lonato, Italy

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Wednesday 15th October 2008 -Fabienne Lanz returns to the ROK World Cup of Karting in South Garda, Italy this weekend.
Fabienne Lanz is a south African born, Swiss national, who started racing at the age of eleven where she was a natural competitor, winning several championships. Having traveled the world in various karting championships over the past decade, Fabienne has achieved a significant amount of respect from her peers for her determination and commitment, even broken arms and fingers have not deterred her enthusiasm.

Fabienne likes to work on her own karts and develop her racing equipment including developing locally designed chassis. As a competent racer, she knows every inch of the racing machine and how to get the best out of every circuit. Competition at World level means that young champions compete for 100ths of a second to get the silverware.

This is the second year that Fabienne has competed in the ROK World Finals having received a podium place of 5th place in 2007, the only female to ever reach this level.

This coming race at Lonato circuit on Sunday 19th Fabienne hopes to be celebrating again with a solid podium finish and is looking forward to testing larger race cars in the very near future.