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Karting is the starting point for most successful Racing Drivers. It is the fundamental platform to teach Drivers from the basic race lines to the more technical tracks. Race Kart set ups are very important to carving the way forward through the levels in Motorsport. At Fabienne Lanz Racing Team and School together with SA2F1 we focus on Youth Racing Development.

Motor racing is not only racing a kart, it teaches so many life skills. We like to see it as creating entrepreneurs, because when you out on track racing and there is an accident, you have to decide in a split second are you going to turn left or right and there is no one to help you. Planning before and whilst racing on moves you are going to undertake as well as analyzing how the kart is reacting whilst racing other competitors. It really puts multi tasking to the test. Its skills any driver will take with them through the rest of their lives.

Like a puzzle piece, we work together and build on each structure at a time and aim at our goal to get a South African Driver to Formula 1. It is a realistic dream with a lot of hard work and a lot of ambition to tackle the adventures. An important part of all our team practices, race days and activity days is to have fun whilst striving to be on top. Now starting off with a new Racing School, Fabienne has developed her skills into creating her own Racing Team. She has a special way with kids, as patience comes on the top of her list when it comes to building the little racing drivers into racing stars. Kids starting to race at the age of 4, she has a variety of drivers in her team and a real “Rainbow Nation Team”.

“Motor Racing is made for all who love the complexity, speed, sound, thrill , burning rubber, whatever gives you goose bumps when it comes to a racing machine, no matter what your background. After all, we all have an engine in our hearts, its what keeps us going .”

Team History: Fabienne and her father Peter Lanz are filled with passion for Motorsport. A combined dream is to mentor young racing drivers along their way to the top of Motorsport, whether they are starting out in Karting or in their teens looking for the next step. They strive to provide the platform for future stars from South Africa in premier forms of Motorsport.

It was always a development plan put aside for later stages in their careers, but the situation has changed and the father and daughter together decided to go ahead with the project while Fabienne is still heavy involved in racing. Fabienne teaches drivers what they need to know from A to Z on the race track, from racing lines, to overtaking to strategies to setting up karts; from beginners, right through to Advanced Level.

About Fabienne: Fabienne is known as the Iron Lady and queen on the racetrack. She competes at International Level and is ranked as one of the top ladies in racing in South Africa, winning Championships and making Lap records, she is the most successful lady Karter in SA. Moving up the ladder and experiencing different race machines is her goal, as she aims to be an example to all girls interested and striving to be in Motorsport.