May 2nd 2009, Cape Town – The second round of the South African Engen Supa Karts National Championship saw Fabienne finish 3rd in the first heat from a 3rd postion qualifying spot, but in the second heat she turned up the wicker, and chased Simon Moss all the way to the flag, capitalising on adjustments made to the kart. In the 3rd heat she put in an impressive performance, leading the race or some time, but dropping back to finish 5th place, as her tyres wore off excessively. This gave her an overall 2nd position for the day, and 90 championship points.

“The weekend went very well. My aim was to bag as much points as I could as it was the first of 4 rounds to the 2009 Championship. We had to make some adjustmens to the kart, as it was very hot, and the carburation also had to be changed. But overall I am happy, and I look forward to the Cape Town round”, Lanz said afterwards.

The Cape Town circuit is challenging, and the weather plays a huge role as it changes within minutes. “I like the flow of the track and I love challenges. It is quite technical and has fast, long corners which I love as I am speed freak on the track!”

Fabienne is lighter than her male competitors, and has to carry lead ballast on the kart to ensure they adhere to the minimum weight, as per the regulations.

“The team has moved the position of the lead ballast, in order to reduce the massive amount of tyre wear and enhance the performance of the kart. We should be in a better position to challenge for the overall win.”

With 3 rounds remaining in this, the fastest class in the National Karting Championship, it is important to make the most of every opportunity. The points difference after the first round is 15, with Moss on 105 and Lanz on 90. With both very competitive, and Moss not having a home town advantage in Cape Twn, Fabienne Lanz might just take control of the Engen Supa Karts National Championship very soon.