Sat 9th July – Fabienne showed no mercy and put in a stunning performance despite missing her first heat due to an engine failure.

Fabienne was in the top 5 during Friday’s testing setting the kart up for a grippy track as the weather was favourably dry and warm and a lot of rubber was being laid down. This was in her favour in heat 2 and 3 on Saturday as she had outstanding pace, especially at the end of each heat where she was the quickest on track.

Her Engine failure in heat one cost her dearly in the overall standings of the day. “The team and helpers from all over put in so much effort to get the engine ready for heat 2 absolutely stunning job, Thank you.” Fabienne comments.

Just in time for heat 2, Fabienne started at the back of the grid. She struggled with grip in the begining of the heat, but drove a very hard race and finished 8th. She posted the 4th quickest lap time, which meant she would start 4th for heat 3, as laptime gives the grid position for the next heat.

Fabienne once again struggled a bit with grip in the beginning of heat 3 and was in a tugg of war from start to finish.

she showed no mercy and fought her way back up to a well deserved 5th position and almost posted the quickest lap time.

“I would like to thank my team for an outstanding effort and to everyone who helped me get back into the race.” She comments.


Fabienne waits to grid up at Idube racetrack

16th of July at Zwartkops Intermational Kart Track – Rotax DD2 series

Fabienne achieved another strong performance at the Rotax DD2 event at Zwartkops, consistently in the top 5 all weekend, Qualifying 4th on the grid for heat 1. The first corner at the start of the race would give Fabienne a big challenge as the first corner is a 180 degree hairpin with no rom for anyone driving around on the outside.

Fabienne got a good start in heat 1 and managed to slot herself to the inside of the track after the start of the race, maintaining her position to finish in 5th for that heat. In the second heat, Fabienne started in 4th again, but was less fortunate as there were no gaps to play for and she got stuck on the outside of the track and fell down the order to 7th position. It was a hard fought race with a strategic overtaking move that brought her back up to 5th position 3 laps from the end. This left the drivers in position 6 and 7 in a tight dice and Fabienne broke away and claimed the 5th position.

Heat 3 was the best performance of the day. The 20 lap race saw action from start to finish as the first 6 drivers were once again in a tug of war all race long. The start of this race was good as Fabienne started 4th and after the first corner mêlée, emerged in 5th position. During the mids stages of the race, Fabienne was eyeing the first position as she remained calm amidst the hot headed boys, she was dicing for 3rd, put lost a bit of performance and got pushed back to 5th position, which she held till the chequered flag dropped.

“It was a great day’s racing and I am happy to take fifth position. We have managed to progress a lot with the kart this weekend and we are definitely moving forward with our technical set up. I want to thank my team for their great effort once again and to my sponsors ” commented Fabienne