May 5th -7th- Globetrotting kart star Fabienne set off to USA for the American 24hr race at Charlotte Speedway which is situated right in the heart of the Nascar Speedway track.

During the practice day the team had the chance to sample the famous Nascar’s so Fabienne jumped at the chance to drive such a car.

“I pulled off behind the pace car then as he pulled off I couldn’t wait to go. What an experience driving around the famous embanked corners and hearing the engine roar, was music to my ears! I had goose bumps throughout the whole experience,” commented Fabienne.

The weather was quiet a contrast from France, a hot and humid day for the 10:30am start as Alban Varutti qualified the Batelco team in 2nd position forLe Mans start.

Fabienne did the second stint in the unfamiliar kart but managed to improve on each lap, though struggling with a larger seat.

Fabienne completed 8 stints in total and did her fastest time in stint 8, which was also the fastest  lap of the race, at 54:5.

The race format dictated that each team would be penalised on laps according to the average team weight. Batelco team started on minus 4 laps when they started the race. The team who eventually won had 11 laps added so in effect Batelco team were 15 laps down.  After he 24hrs the team were only 3 laps down from the winner and about 26 seconds behind 2nd place finishing third overall.