Brakpan, South Africa Nov 6th 2011 – Fabienne Lanz took to the drag strip in the ‘Girls on the Strip’ event held at Nitro Raceway, in her racing 125cc racing kart.

The ladies were racing in head to head races as an introductory day to drag racing.

Fabienne raced down the drag strip under the normal ‘Christmas tree’ start light procedures, it was a totally new experience for the young driver usually at home on the kart or racing circuit, Fabienne is the only lady to race a kart in this way in South Africa.


Fabienne completed her quarter mile in 14.33 seconds which was faster than some of the cars racing on the same day.


“My ratio was too short as I was full speed half way down the straight already I want to put a longer ratio in the kart when I go again,” commented an excited Fabienne

Fabienne on the start grid at the Drag Strip


“I was revving the engine at the start line and as the lights went from yellow to green I floored it, I had some wheel spin then it was just crouching down on the steering wheel for aero dynamics and changing gears at the maximum to get the most out of each gear, racing to the finish line,” she continued.

“I had a lot of fun and would love to see more ladies join drag racing. A lot of people came in their own personal cars, which is a great idea so all the drivers can drag race in a safe environment as the streets are too dangerous for these actions.” commented Fabienne