Apr 12th 2014-Fabienne in her capacity as a driver and ambassador for her SA2F1 project, joined Lethulwazi Comprehensive School in Vosloorus, Gauteng, to give a speech about her journey in motorsport and interact with the young aspiring fans to support the Kasi 2 Kasi motorsport project.

Kasi 2 Kasi Motorsport Development programme is promoted by the MSA and aims to introduce motorsport to the young black generation, specifically focusing on the townships. The roadshow takes Racing Cars, Quad Bikes, Trial Bikes, Motocross Bikes and Superbikes to them in the form of an interactive expo.

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As everyone paused for photo opportunities Fabienne had this to say, “When we arrived the whole school is buzzing with excitement to see what the racing drivers have in store for them. Having the chance to give a motivational speech about the sport I love, filled me with joy.”


“After the speeches the bike stuntmen put on a show for the kids and Devon Robertson did doughnuts in his Legends car, the crowd loved it. Afterwards, some kids climbed into my Rotax DD2 kart and gave the engine some revs to hear what it sounds like, they were pretty impressed and I hope it made them more interested to join in motorsport activities,” said Fabienne.

“Our SA2F1 promotion is gaining momentum, and step by step and it will be a dream come true for us all to see these young South African people advance and excel in their motorsport dreams, whether it be the racing driver, the mechanical engineer to the event team, It’s about making dreams a reality,” commented Fabienne.