21 May 2011: Being thrown in at the deep end Fabienne Lanz had her ultimate challenge, racing cars not karts. Racing on the big track this time in a stock VW Golf, for a new team, on a track never tested before, she proved her ability to adapt and conquer.

Both races proved the toughest of challenges getting to grips with front wheel drive car, much different to the World Championship karting she normally enjoys around the world.

Under expert guidance from team owner Neil Stephen, Fabienne was invited at the last moment to drive for the Stephen2 Racing Team in the spare car.

Fabienne with team owner Niel Stephen

“I did not have much time to practice before this race weekend as we decided quite close to the race to compete. We also had to get the car race ready as its mainly a road car with a few extras built. Qualifying went very well, just taking it calmly, finding my feet, getting comfortable with the car.  My teammate, Geoffrey Stephen who is also my coach qualified in 2nd place”.

Fabienne showed her potential early already as she improved her lap time by almost 2 seconds and won her class and finished 11th position overall. Her teammate Geoff was going for the lead early on in the race, when he suffered from a broken CV joint and was forced to retire.  “The first race went well, it was a rolling start, i thought of racing fast through to the inside, but decided to just test the scenery as it is my first race and one’s excitement could get  the better of you the first time around.”

The second heat proved to be even better where Fabienne had her hands full racing and dicing cars throughout the whole race. She almost pipped 10th position in the end, but still managed to win her class, which gave her the win for the day. “I had some fantastic first time experience moments, getting the car all sideways in the one lap and locked the rear brakes applying them too hard in the other lap. This is all a new experience to me and a front wheel drive is very different to a kart. I managed to beat all the other drivers in my class so i was very pleased with my performance as there were eighteen cars overall on the grid”.

The final race was an ‘All Comers’ race where all classes join in, starting on a reverse grid, a standing start, in single file. The Stephen2Racing crew worked very hard to get Geoff ready for this one. He started quite far down the order, but put in a superb race and won it. Fabienne put in another great drive and finished 3rd overall.

“I would really like to thank Neil and Geoff Stephen for organising the car and inviting me to join their team. The team put in a superb effort and I love the great team spirit from all of the crew. The sponsors also Stephen2 Racing, Ferobrake, Artstar, Gary Stephenson Computing and Ecoconstruction”